Wedding Dress Restoration

Wedding Dress Restoration

Restoring a wedding gown

Wedding Dress Cleaning

‘Bridal Gown Care’ is what we are all about.  We offer an all inclusive service.  Having years of wedding dress cleaning experience, we concentrate on the smaller details that make all the difference in ensuring that your gown is restored to its former glory and looks fantastic. 

After a long day of celebration, most wedding gowns will have picked up small food stains, drops from drinks, make-up / false tan marks and of course, the end of the dress can get very dirty from dragging along the ground, not to mention the dance floor!

Wedding Dress Restoration is time consuming.  We use a special spotting area with very bright lights to search and find every tiny mark, spot, blemish or stain.  We then treat each of these separately with a combination of specialised solvents, steam and high pressured air.  This is where our experience and knowledge of wedding dress restoration really shines.  See below for more detail on the steps we take on restoring your wedding gown. 

Once its been cleaned, we then re-examine every inch of the gown to see if any of the stains did not fully come out.  Anything that is not perfect is re-treated and the entire gown is cleaned again.  We repeat this process until the dress is perfect or until the stain stops improving.  In almost all cases, we get all stains out of the gown completely and make it look like new again!  The sooner we get the dress after the wedding the higher the chance that we can achieve this for you. 

Our Restoration Process

The Expert Way

All bridal gowns are first thoroughly inspected on our spotting table.  The spotting table is a special purpose-made table with a number of built in tools such as vacuum, steam and high pressured air.  The spotting table sits under very bright lights which help us to find any tiny spot, mark, blemish or stain on your dress.

There are all kinds of sources of these, such as make up, false tan, food, beer, wine, grass etc.

We have specialist solvents, equipment and techniques for treating every mark.  For example, we have a solvent that removes tea stains and a different one that removes false tan!  The cleaner’s experience and knowledge is really key here to identifying the source of the stain and choosing the right solvent or technique to remove it fully. 

Most bridal gowns during the wedding day gain a lot of dirt around the edges of the bottom of the gown and train.  We spend a lot of time treating and hand cleaning this area to ensure it comes up bright and perfectly clean.

After all of the treatments above are complete, the gown is then cleaned according to the dress fabric and manufacturer’s recommendations.  We have a choice of several machines and techniques to choose from to ensure that this is done in the best way possible for your dress. 

Once clean, we then bring the dress back to the spotting table where it is re-examined in great detail to ensure that all of the stains identified have come out fully.  If any stains are not fully out, we will then re-treat these stains and completely re-clean the dress. If necessary, gowns will be treated and cleaned multiple times to achieve the best possible results without damaging your precious gown.

We always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions and take every precaution to protect any beading, crystals or other embellishments.

Once fully clean, every inch of the dress is then hand pressed layer by layer by one of our knowledgeable dry cleaners.

He uses a dry cleaning press with intense steam & vacuum and his extensive experience of pressing intricate bridal gowns.

Once finished, the gown is thoroughly checked before being hung up high to await collection or delivery.

You are obviously welcome to inspect the results when your dress is returned to you!

Our Promise

Bridal Cleaning guarantee that your wedding gown will be professionally cleaned and pressed by an experienced wedding dress cleaner using the safest and best technology, which will ensure that we get the absolute best results possible without putting your dress at risk.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Advice

1. Your wedding dress is precious so choose your dry cleaner wisely.  Always choose a specialist bridal cleaner, so that you can be assured that your garments will be taken care of by experienced dry cleaners. Unlike other dry cleaners, we only specialise in bridal wear, wedding gowns, evening wear, bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, grooms men suits, so therefore we are highly experienced in cleaning beaded, crystals delicate laces, trims and silk garments.  Standard dry cleaners spend most of their time dry cleaning suits and are not used to the trickier elements that a wedding dress can have!

2. Your wedding dress and accessories should be cleaned as soon as possible after your big day for the best possible results.  It should never be packed away whilst still dirty, as this can make it impossible to remove some staining.  

3. Whether you are going to keep your gown as a keepsake or to resell it, it is vitally important to have the gown professionally cleaned otherwise, your dress may become discoloured and stains may become impossible to remove.

4. You only get your wedding dress cleaned once, so take your time and make sure to choose the right specialist dry cleaners. 

Wedding Dress Boxing

Wedding Dress Boxing

After your wedding gown has been meticulously cleaned, we will wrap your dress in 100% acid free tissue paper suitable for long term storage and then box your dress in a beautiful acid free wedding dress box. This will protect your wedding dress for the long term.

Your dress should never be stored in plastic or be left unprotected and it is recommended your store your box/bag in a cool dry area away from heat and direct sunlight.

How to order your wedding dress cleaning service

Arranging to get your wedding gown cleaned with us could not be more straightforward.  Once you make contact with us, we will arrange for your dress to be collected.  If you are outside Dublin, this will involve a courier, but don’t worry the cost of that is included in your price.

You can pay by going to our pricing page or ‘order wedding dress cleaning’ page and choosing your dress type.  Alternatively, you can contact our customer support team on 01 513 6655

Collection / Delivery Insurance

Your dress is covered by our insurance policy once it is with us, however you may want to insure your dress on its way to us or back from us with the courier.  We can arrange this and the cost of this is €1.10 per €100 value that you assign to your dress.  Please note that the insurance will only cover the cost up to what you can prove, so please only cover it for an amount that you can prove with a receipt.