Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

If you’ve been given a Bridal Cleaning Gift Certificate, lucky you, you’ve received a truly wonderful gift!  Your Gift Certificate ensures that you will get your beautiful wedding gown properly looked after – professionally cleaned and pressed so that you can treasure your wedding dress forever!

How do I redeem my certificate?

The first step is to identify the certificate number on your gift certificate.  It’s in the middle of the certificate under the large words ‘Gift Certificate’.

You can now contact us directly to arrange collection by calling us on 01 513 6655.

Door to Door service

We will arrange to have your wedding dress collected by courier from either your home or work – whatever suits you best.  Obviously, its important to ensure that your dress is sufficiently well packaged for its journey to us.  Please include your gift certificate with your dress. 

Your dress will be cleaned, pressed and finally placed in a Wedding Dress Storage Box.  This takes several weeks, however you can call us at any stage to check on its progress.

We will then contact you and arrange for the dress to be re-delivered back to you by courier.

We can even do this while your on honeymoon!  Just make contact with us in advance and nominate someone we can work with whilst you’re away and it will be ready for when you come back!

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information or call us on 01 513 6655.

Where can I buy a Gift Certificate?

Gift Certificates are available for sale directly by calling us on 01 513 6655.